Pack of 6 Cloth Diapers, 6 microfiber Bamboo Charcoal Inserts and a Wet/Dry Bag

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Why choose Babynano Cloth Diapers?

– Superb Quality: BabyNano Cloth Diapers are made of quality materials that are breathable, comfortable and prevent leaking. The diapers are designed with an elastic membrane and padded with breathable permeable inner as a one-way funnel to the microfiber insert. The highly absorbent insert is made of a two tiered inner microfiber and soft antibacterial bamboo charcoal outer layer.

– Safe & Healthy: No harmful chemicals (the liquid-solidifying crystal found in most disposables) which could cause a reaction to your babies’ skin and increase chances of developing asthma. BabyNano Cloth Diapers use natural bamboo charcoal fibre as an absorbent instead. Your baby, therefore, will have less diaper rash and irritation.

– Economical & Eco-friendly: Ultimately you save money with cloth diapers. Our diapers come with a flexible size-adjustable buckle system (for having the prefect waist-line and rise fit) that can accommodate babies from birth to ages 2-3 (6Lb-30Lb / 3KG-15KG). Additionally, no more unnecessary waste that goes to landfills as with the disposable diapers.

– Easy to use and better for baby: Our cloth diapers are easy to wash and dry. Inserts can be pulled out from the waist opening and washed apart. This allows the pocket cloth diapers to dry faster than other single-piece cloth diapers. Using our cloth diapers also facilitates quicker potty training. Babies in our cloth diapers are able to better recognize wetness and connect the sensation.

- Wet/Dry Bag Included: A stylish Wet/Dry bag is included and extra handy when you take the little one outdoors or on a trip. User manual also included.  BabyNano Cloth Diapers are packaged in a beautiful vibrant color set making them the best baby gift for any mother!