A pocket type Cloth diaper consists of mainly the diaper pant and the absorbent microfiber. The two parts are separately washable and dry after than all-in-one cloth diaper. The only additional step required with the pocket one is to slide the insert into the pocket (which is quite easy to do). Some mother’s also like the pocket type as they can double up on the inserts when they expect a larger load over night.
The following diagrams show the basic parts of a pocket-cloth diaper:

Cloth diapers are actually very simple to put on your baby. Follow these basic steps:
1. Slide the microfiber insert into the pocket opening found on the back, upper part of the cloth diaper.

2. Pulling with your hand, move the insert down into the body until it finds the front end. The insert has to be properly fitted so that it goes from one edge of the diaper to the other. This ensures maximum retention.

3. With the stuffed cloth diaper, set the Rise Snap to fit the height of your baby. The diaper waist line should end up just below your child’s belly button.
4. After you have snapped up the Rise, lay-out level wings or tabs stretching out, put the baby on the open back edge of the cloth diaper level with the lower bend in the baby’s back. Fold the front part of the cloth diaper up through the legs squeezed up to the front waistline.

5. Grabbing the wings, pull it around the baby’s side and find a best snap setting on the front board. Remember to allow a little “give” for when baby is in sitting position. Do not buckle too tight as it will bring about red imprints on your baby’s waist and make it troublesome for your baby to move about easily.

6. These steps are expected to guarantee a solid match. More often than not you should unsnap and adjust the wings for a better custom fit on your baby. Babies grow so fast, you will be adjusting often!

In the event that you have any inquiries at all, please reach out to us, we’ll be happy to offer assistance with finding the right cloth diapering framework for you and your baby.
BabyNano Cloth Diaper are versatile and size-adjustable fit for babies up to 3 years old. The buckle is durable, yet comfortable, on your little one(s).
Picture showing the Rise Snap set to the “Small” size (Snapping the top and bottom rows).
In the case that the baby has a very small waist, the flaps allow overlapping snaps as shown above.
The diaper also fits when your baby grows bigger, release all rise snaps to make it a “large” size.