1. What number of cloth diapers do I have to begin?
aa aYou have to consider the age of your infant. Babies and newborn children will use around 10-12 diapers for each day while little children might require 6-8. In a perfect world, you would have 24 cloth diapers, 6-12 extra inserts. This amount permits you to wash each 2-3 days.

・Newborns: 12 to 18 diapers per day (one to two loads if you wash every other day)
・Babies 6 to 18 months: 12 diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)
・Toddlers 18 months and up: nine diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)
・Toddlers who are potty training: three to six diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)

2. How would I wash my cloth diapers?
aaa Washing cloth diapers is truly not any more troublesome than washing consistent clothing!
In the event that the cloth diaper is wet, hurl it into your diaper bucket. On the off chance that the cloth diaper is filthy, wash it in the latrine, and afterward place it into the diaper bucket.
At the point when your bucket is full, discharge your diapers into your washing machine. Do a warm flush cycle and after that, a HOT wash cycle with the FULL suggested a measure of cleanser. Set washer to huge load and utilize heated water.

3. Which clothing cleanser would it be a good idea for me to utilize?
aaa BabyNano prescribes the utilization of monetarily accessible cleansers made for high temp water utilizes, for example, Tide (without a worry in the world) and Ivory Snow.
For Eco-accommodating cleansers, BabyNano prescribes Kind Laundry Detergent or Green Works by Clorox. Cloth Diapers ought to be washed in water sufficiently hot to eliminate microscopic organisms: 140°F or 60°C

4. To what extent does the cloth diaper last?
aaa You can hope to put one tyke through an arrangement of Baby Nano cloth diapers. Also, if tended to appropriately, numerous folks can utilize them for a moment or even a third tyke!

5. How would I uproot stains?
aaa To minimize stains, wash dirtied diapers quickly in the can (utilizing a diaper sprayer) or lay a liner inside the diaper. You can utilize either a Flushable Liner or a Stay Dry Liner to get the solid discharge and hurl into your can.

6. My infant has a rash. What would it be advisable for me to do?
aaa When your child has a rash, there is a great deal of strategies you can use to treat the rashes actually before going after rashes creams:
Let your child’s skin get some air by either having bare time on a towel or cover or by utilizing a fitted diaper with no spread. Note, utilizing a fitted diaper without a waterproof spread will leak; ensure your child is about a story that you can wipe up.

・Change your infant’s diapers all the more every now and again. In the event that your infant invests a long energy in a wet diaper, this could aggravate the skin – particularly when beginning new sustenance’s or teething. You can likewise have a go at laying a Stay Dry Liner between your child’s skin and the diaper to keep the wetness away.

・Your infant might be having a response to your cleanser. On the off chance that you think this may be the situation, make sure to totally flush the oldest cleanser out of your diapers before changing to another cleanser.

・Your cleanser might not have enough cleaning quality to get microscopic organisms loaded cloth diapers clean. This is regularly seen with eco-accommodating or cloth diaper particular cleansers. In the event that your diapers notice wipe out of the clothing yet stink horrendously after they have been filthy, have a go at exchanging cleansers and washing your diapers a couple times to check whether this clears the rash.

・Avoid superfluous chemicals on your infant’s skin by cleaning with simple water and cloth wipes.

7. Why do Baby Nano-Cloth Diapers not make or offer fleece covers?
aaa A fleece spread is just too some degree water safe, and requires regular cloth diaper changes with a specific end goal to keep the clothing from getting to be wet. It is likewise very cumbersome and requires extraordinary hand washing directions. Fleece spreads are costly and with today’s cutting edge materials the same or better breathability can be accomplished without every one of the downsides of fleece.

8. What is the contrast between the greater part of your fabric choice?
aaa At Baby Nano The diaper pants itself is made of high-grade polyester with soft suede cloth inner. The inserts (the charcoal color piece that is fitted inside the diaper to absorb liquid) are made of 4 layers of highly absorbent towel consisting of two tiers inner microfiber terry and soft antibacterial bamboo charcoal terry outer.

9. Questions From The Amazon Community

• Question: What is material is the inner lining made from?

Answer: Soft polyester suede cloth.

• Question: Do inserts need to be prepped/prewashed more than 1x before overnight use or do I need microfiber inserts for overnight?


If you have been using and washing the inserts regularly, prep it once would be enough. If you are using the insert for the first time, washing it for a few rounds could increase absorbency. The bamboo charcoal inserts that come with the pack should be absorbent enough for overnight. Try to double up inserts (use two inserts) if you are expecting a larger load. This usually works very well.


Some users put the insert on top of the cloth diaper instead of inside the pocket (so insert is in direct contact with baby). This way you are able to replace just the inserts and reuse the cloth diaper. It is recommended to wash the cloth diaper if it is soiled though.

• Question: I’ve never tried all in one or picket diapers. Do you recommend them over covers/inserts? I would love to try some, but am unsure of what kind to get.


When picking either pocketed or all-in-one diapers, it really comes down to personal preference.

One of the advantages of pocketed cloth diaper is that you can adjust the absorbency by adding more inserts into the pocket. It could be good idea when you are expecting a larger volume overnight as oppose to putting on the diaper on briefly before bed.

Furthermore, you can easily bulk up near the front for boys or center for girls.Other advantages is that it is easy to carry when travelling as they don’t come apart once you fitted the inserts into the pocket. You can wash and dry them separately, so they do dry fairly quickly comparing to all-in-one.

There is this “one additional step” of having to stuff the inserts into the pocketed diapers when you choose to use them. Some might see this as a hassle, others wouldn’t mind at all. Regardless, both types of cloth diapers work out to be more economical and healthier in the long run.

• Question: Weight limit?

Answer:Per the description, “Flexible size and adjustability that can accommodate babies from birth to age 2-3 (6Lb-30Lb / 3KG-15KG).”My daughter is currently around 13lbs and they fit nicely.

By Matthew P on March 16, 2016

• Question: Will these irratate the belly button area for a newborn healing from the umbilical cord?


No, the sizes are adjustable so that they sit below the belly button.

By D. Mohan on February 14, 2016

They have so many options to snap on these diapers that I doubt you couldn’t find a way to avoid the belly button. They are so soft also. We love them.

By jeanne lawrence on February 15, 2016

• Question: What are the diapers made out of? All i see in the description is “made of quality materials that are breathable and prevent leaks”


The outer diaper layer is laminated PUL waterproof elastic polyester material. Inner diaper layer is soft polyester suede cloth.

The inserts consists of 2 layer bamboo charcoal outer and 2 layer high absorbent microfibre inner.

• Question: How many inserts does this pack come with?


It comes with 6 inserts. At the moment, you also get 3 additional inserts for free if you sign up following the bonus instruction that comes with the pack.

•  Question: How tall is the wet bag that comes with it? How many diapers would you say it holds?


Wet bag dimension is 10.8 x 12.6 inches. It holds 6 diapers with their inserts comfortably.

By The BabyNano Team on March 22, 2016

I gave the 6pack of diapers as a gift and don’t remember the demintions, but when it arrived all six diapers with their inserts were inside the wet bag and they fit nicely.

By Lori Chambers on March 22, 2016

•  Question: Has anyone used these on a brand spanking new newborn? it says 6-30 lbs, newborn to 2 years but then it says 3-24 months.


I have not, but my fellow nurse friend has a sister who is a huge cloth diaper fanad for years! uses disposable diapers for the first couple weeks. She said when they have such little rumps they just don’t fit well from any brand.

By Jenah Gross on December 30, 2015

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